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The HAPPY CAT NEO is the perfect uncompromising boat for everyone who values the smallest possible packing size and the lightest weight when sailing, but also does not want to make any compromises.

Also ideal for solo sailors, 3 adults + 1 child, for young people and, in particular, anyone travelling with a camper/trailer.
Ideal for learning how to sail.

The HAPPY CAT NEO is ready to sail in 20-30 minutes from the car boat to the water.
Made of the highest quality down to the last detail.

The modern high performance sails have a balanced profile for light to strong winds. The “square head” or wide area at the top of the mainsail maximizes the sail and creates more power in the presence of light wind.In order to precisely adjust the mainsail and “square head”, the mainsail has a traveller which can be fastened in any position. The sail is cut on a diagonal to reduce wind resistance even on the lower area of the sail. Since there is no bowsprit, the sail exposes greater surface area and you won’t run the risk of hitting your head accidentally.

The mainsheet can be fastened in five different positions using a hook on the mainsail clew board.Additionally, the large viewing window at the bottom of the sail provides a erfect view in all directions in busy areas as a safety feature by helping to prevent collisions. These transparent areas are fibre reinforced to minimize strain and improve performance.Designed for increased elevation and faster speeds.Round profile frames.


The centreboard and rudder blade are made of a very long, rugged aluminium profile which is foam filled to prevent water penetration. The laminar profile is designed to perfectly suit the passing water and produces
considerable pressure. This allows you to sail ‘close to the wind.’ Should grounding occur, these blades will automatically retract upwards. The centreboard can be fastened at any angle and stowed according to each wind speed and load.

The high speed rudder is positioned far back on the stern. That way, it is possible to steer the NEO in a stable and quiet manner. Much like a balance rudder, the braking swivels shift at the pivot point and automatically stop working at very high speeds. Thanks to this rudder, the CAT sails faster and can also be easily steered like power steering. If you let go of it, it is stowed for safety reasons so that the boat turns into the wind and comes to a stop.

Topping off the impressive NEO performance is its modern design and power house capabilities.
Swift as an arrow, it appeals to all ages.


  • proven fastest hull shape, computerdesigned, tested towing tank
  • minimal resistance
  • minimal splashing
  • minimal eddies
  • maximum speed
  • smoother ride
  • convex underbelly, optimal floatation
  • wavepiercer bow cuts through waves,minimal seesawing, minimum brake
  • vertical stern, tear off edge
  • maximum water line; hull length 405 cm = 405 cm water line
  • maximum air pressure 0.3 bar, good stiffnes
  • considerable bow lift, considerable jib loading possible
  • considerable bow lift, access to 3 hp/17 kg motor


    • Round profile frames
    • no warping
    • dimensionally stabile
    • trampoline cloth including a bolt rope directly in the frame
    • quick release (no ropes)
    • quick and easy assembly
    • two (2) hiking straps
    • 4 paddle holder
    • cloth bag


    • resilient aluminium profile
    • foam-filled, impermeable
    • end cap
    • long blade, good upwind sailing
    • laminar shape reduces resistance, increases flow pressure/ power
    • can be fastened in any position
    • fully collapsible
    • automatically collapses in case of grounding


    • designed like the centreboard
    • long blade, good control of sailing on a hull
    • high speed rudder in a perfectly balanced position close to the stern (servo effect)
    • no braking swivel
    • runs smooth
    • smooth, stable control
    • no troublesome helm above the trampoline


    • statically-calculated, extremely warp-resistant mast profile
    • aerodynamic shape
    • self-propelling mast, reinforced sail profile
    • four sided connectors, no twisting, very strong
    • balanced double shrouds for maximum safety
    • easy assembly using the mast foot hinge, limited effort required
    • masthead-fly


    • sail attached to piping directly on the mast, no gap, optimum air flow
    • square head mainsail, more powerful in light wind
    • main sail traveller, improved stowing, more powerful, no twisting of the upper sail
    • balanced profile for light to strong winds
    • profile stowage with a five hole clew board
    • thick Dacron sailcloth, improved stiffness
    • large fibre reinforced window
    • good visibility in every direction, very strong
    • jib tow points close to the mast, more powerful
    • comfortable and continuous operation of furling jib
    • standard six count telltales
    • comfortable head gap


    • EPDM/natural rubber hulls
    • long lifespan
    • environmentally friendly
    • five year rubber exterior warranty
    • anodized aluminium, seawater resistant
    • stainless steel parts, seawater resistant
    • thick Dacron sailcloth
    • fibre reinforced window

    Technical Data:

    Overall lenght/width 420 x 205 cm 13' 9" x 6' 9"
    Lenght/width trampoline 170 x 130 cm 5' 7" x 4' 3"
    Lenght hull x diameter 405 x 47 cm 13' 3" x 1' 6"
    Mast height 505 cm 16' 7"
    Weight 56 kg 123 lbs
    Packing dim.: bag 1+2 185 x 30 x 30 cm 73" x 12" x 12"
    Longest component 183 cm (bowsprit) 6'
    Persons 3 adults + 1 child 3 adults + 1 child
    Working load 350 kg 772 lbs
    Air chambers 2 2
    Assembly time (min) 25 25
    Operating pressure 0,3 bar 4.3 psi
    Material natural rubber 1100 dtex 1100 dtex
    Foresail / mainsail 3 m2 / 6 m2 32 sq.ft. / 65 sq.ft.
    Sail area 9 m2 97 sq.ft.
    Wind force 4 Beaufort 4 Beaufort
    Motor output 2,2 kW / 3 HP 2,2 kW / 3 HP
    Motor weight 17 kg 37 lbs
    Shaft length motor longitudinal shaft -L longitudinal shaft - L
    ISO-standard/category 6185 Kat VI/C 6185 Kat VI/C
    Colour red red